Aerobic Oxygen Uses

Uses of the Aerobic Oxygen®

In addition to the many health benefits of the Aerobic Oxygen, there are several other uses that make this such a versatile and beneficial product.
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Water Purification and Water Storage

In over 20 years, we have yet to find an infectious anaerobic bacteria that it will not kill in a matter of minutes.  For this, many users keep it as an excellent, dependable tool for camping, hiking, travelling, or emergency kits to treat unknown water before it is consumed.

How to use Aerobic Oxygen to treat/purify water:
(1) Add 5 drops per 8oz of water, juice, milk, etc
(2) Add 10 drops per gallon of water inhibit growth of disease bacteria
(3) Add 20 drops per gallon, or 1 bottle (2oz) for 45-55 gallons of water for longer storage

Potable water properly stored with Aerobic Oxygen can keep uncontaminated for 5 to 10 years, and keeps it from future contamination

Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables often can contain bacteria and other contaminants on the skin or surface.  They can be soaked in water with a few drops of Aerobic Oxygen® to kill bacteria and prevent future contamination.  
Fill a bowl or the sink with clean water (not hot) and place 10-20 drops of Aerobic Oxygen into the water.  Let the fruits/veggies soak for 3-5 minutes or longer if possible.

Natural Household Cleaner


Aerobic Oxygen will kill almost all bad bacteria.  As a natural alternative to strong household chemicals, add 50-100 drops of Aerobic Oxygen to a clean water solution in a spray bottle and use on non-porous surfaces.  Be careful to test a small spot first to make sure it won't mark or stain your surface as it is very concentrated. 

Mouthwash and Toothpaste


To help with dental health, add 10 drops to 2 oz of water and gargle for 60 seconds to kill bad breath and bacteria.  Also, add a few drops directly to toothbrush to help control tooth and gum decay and bacteria, as well as kill bacteria on the toothbrush.

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