Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I buy Aerobic Oxygen?
It can usually be found at your health food store, or you can contact us HERE.

How do I use the Aerobic Oxygen?
You always want to add the Aerobic Oxygen to a liquid - water, juice, milk, etc (nothing hot like coffee or tea). The suggested dosage is 20 drops 3x per day, however this is a general dosage only.  Because of its high detox effect, some people may not be able to start at this dosage.  For example, smokers or people that have used alot of drugs or medications are generally much more toxic, and as such they may need to start on a lower dosage (maybe 5 drops 3x day).  If you are taking too much Aerobic Oxygen (detoxifying too fast), your body will tell you with an upset stomach, loose bowels or possibly headaches.  This is not dangerous, just uncomfortable.  Listen to your body; start at a lower dose and gradually increase.  Some athletes can take up to 80 drops 3x a day.  It all depends on the demand for oxygen in the body, as well as the toxicity. 
Children can also take the Aerobic Oxygen at a lowered dosage.  Most children can start at 2-5 drops 3x day. 
We suggest taking it with food if your find that it is upsetting your stomach.

You can also wash/clean your vegetables.  Fill up the sink with clean water, add 20-50 drops of Aerobic Oxygen and let your veggies soak for a few minutes.
For water purification - add 10 drops to a glass of water and wait a few minutes before drinking.
For long term water storage - add 1 bottle (2 oz) for every 50 gallons of water.

Is Aerobic Oxygen safe / non-toxic?
When used as directed, it is non-toxic.  Aerobic Oxygen is in a concentrated form and must be diluted before use.  Do not use on or near eyes or skin.

Can I use Aerobic Oxygen on my skin?
Do not put directly on your skin in concentrated form.  Aerobic Oxygen can be diluted to 10% solution and used on the skin. 

Is Aerobic Oxygen acidic?
No.  Aerobic Oxygen is very high on the alkaline side - 12-13 pH.

What is the difference between Aerobic Oxygen and Hydrogen Peroxide?
-Food-grade Hydrogen Peroxide should never be taken internally.  Years ago people were taking Hydrogen Peroxide internally for oxygen supplementation.  However, the problem with Hydrogen Peroxide is that when it is broken down in the body it leaves free radicals that can actually cause more damage to your system than the extra oxygen that it releases. 
-Hydrogen Peroxide is unstable. This means that if you left the lid off the bottle, the oxygen would dissipate into the air over a period of time.  As well, you need to keep it in a dark, cool place in order to maintain oxygen content.  Aerobic Oxygen, however, is completely stable.  It does not break down over time or with the lid left off.  It is only broken down during the normal digestive process. 
-Hydrogen Peroxide is very acidic.  Aerobic Oxygen is extremely alkaline (approx 12-13 pH).  A diseased body is always acidic.  A healthy body maintains an alkaline pH.

What is the pH of Aerobic Oxygen?
Approx 13 pH (alkaline)

Will Aerobic Oxygen react with prescription drugs?
Aerobic Oxygen is a natural product and not a drug, and therefore it is difficult to predict its reactions with various prescription drugs.  However, customers have reported that it increased the absorption of their other medications, allowing them to decrease the dosages to get the same results.  Consult with a qualified practitioner before using the Aerobic Oxygen if you are using other medications.

How do I use Aerobic Oxygen to treat/purify water?
(1) Add 5 drops per 8oz of water, juice, milk, etc
(2) Add 10 drops per gallon of water inhibit growth of disease bacteria
(3) Add 20 drops per gallon, or 1 bottle (2oz) for 45-55 gallons of water for longer storage

Potable water properly stored with Aerobic Oxygen can keep uncontaminated for 5 to 10 years.

Does Aerobic Oxygen kill good bacteria as well as bad bacteria?
No.  Unlike drugs and antibiotics, the oxygen within the Aerobic Oxygen selectively targets bad/disease bacteria, and does not harm the beneficial bacteria that is essential for good health. 

What is the recommended dosage of Aerobic Oxygen?
Recommended dosage is 20 drops three times a day.  However, if you have a compromised immune system, or if your body is toxic (smoking, drugs, prescription medications, processed foods), then one should start at a lower dosage (approx 5 drops three times a day), and slowly work your way up.  Athletes can take up to 80-100 drops per day. 

Who can take Aerobic Oxygen?
Really anyone can take it, as it is not a drug.  However, because oxygen is a detoxifier, care must be taken.  Higher dosages could rapid detoxification and cause bowel discomfort or headaches.  Children can take it at a lower dosage (body weight).  Nursing or pregnant mothers can take it as well without any worry.

Can my pets benefit from Aerobic Oxygen?
Absolutely.  There are many amazing stories about pets and how the Aerobic Oxygen "saved" them or "changed" them for life...  There are also many vets, trainers, and ranchers that loyally administer the Aerobic Oxygen to their "patients", horses, race horses, cows, dogs, sick calves, pigs.... 
For smaller pets, 5-10 drops in about 1 litre of water and then filling the water bowl regularly with this water.  If your pet gets diarrhea, back down on the dosage. 

Can Aerobic Oxygen freeze without damaging its effectiveness?
It is OK to freeze.  Extreme heat can damage its effectiveness.

What is the shelf life of Aerobic Oxygen?
Although the expiry date on the bottle says it is good for only about 5 years, the Aerobic Oxygen has an almost indefinite shelf life.  By law only a 5 yr expiry date is allowed on the label.  The taste may get stronger as it ages, however tests prove that the product and potency do not degrade after long periods of time. 
What is the formula of Aerobic Oxygen?  What does it contain?
Of course the formula is a trade secret, but if we had to compare it to other products, it would be a close cousin to Chlorine Dioxide.  Chlorine dioxide is a much less refined and effective product compared to the Aerobic Oxygen. 

Who makes Aerobic Oxygen?
Good For You Canada Corp is the only company in the world that produces the Aerobic Oxygen.  Aerobic Oxygen is a registered tradename for over 25 years.  Beware of imitations. 

What makes Aerobic Oxygen different from other stabilized oxygen supplements out there?
Aerobic Oxygen has been on the market for over 25 years; one of the grandfathers of stablized oxygen supplements.  Over the last few decades there have been many companies that have tried to copy the formula.  To be fair, there are some products that are good products, but the majority are nothing more than Chlorine Dioxide and they use inferior ingredients.  Some claim to be "pH balanced", which is impossible if there are active negative ions of available oxygen within the supplement. 
Dr. Randy Widmer, (President of Good For You Canada Corp) has developed this formula and seen it in use in over 30 countries around the world, for over 20 years.  He has travelled and lectured all over the world.  In recent years he was in southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, and he has seen the tremendous benefits of the Aerobic Oxygen during the SARS scare in that region.

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